9 WordPress Plugins Targeted in Coordinated 4.5-Year Spam Campaign

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Wordfence.com published an interesting article today, detailing an investigation they undertook uncovering how spammers had compromised a number of plugins commonly used on WordPress websites.

WordFence spent considerable effort in investigating the activities of the compromised plugins and tracing them to their source. Their investigation originally focused on the Display Widget plugin, but ultimately uncovered eight other plugins that allowed spammers to post to websites, serve unwanted / unauthorized content from ad networks, and serve spam.

The article is worth reading if you use WordPress on your website. Take a look at the article on WordFence’s website here:

Recent ‘Microsoft’ Phishing Scam Surge

Warning: Microsoft Email Phishing Scam

LightWire’s clients have seen a remarkable increase in ‘Phishing’ emails, specifically email messages that appear to come from Microsoft.

These scam email messages are targeting companies that use Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, and are designed to look like an alert coming from Microsoft’s systems, requesting that the user reset a password, confirm that their account should not be de-activated, or some other action that would ultimately result in a user providing the scammer with account information.

Here are two samples of what these phishing email messages might look like:

Office 365 Phishing Scam Email Message

Example of a scam messages pretending to be from Microsoft Office 365


SharePoint Phishing Scam Email Message

Example of a fake email message pretending to be from Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform

Microsoft would not send out email messages like this – if you receive one and are not sure if it is real or fake, ask your IT professional to take a look – whatever you do, don’t just click on it and provide your account information!

Boston Collegiate Charter School

Welcome Boston Collegiate Charter School!

LightWire is thrilled to welcome Boston Collegiate Charter School (www.bostoncollegiate.org) as a new LightShield managed services client.

Ranked in 2015 as the 3rd best high school in Massachusets, Boston Collegiate has both a middle school campus and a high school campus. LightWire looks forward to managing Boston Collegiate’s IT infrastructure and assisting the school administrators and teachers in helping their students achieve amazing success in school!

When simple problems go wrong – can’t install a network printer

Sometimes, even what seems like a simple problem on the surface can be challenging to solve; this where having a technology partner like LightWire allows you to focus on your business while we manage the technology.  Recently a customer had problem where some of their computers were unable to connect to a shared printer on the print server.  Most commonly this is due to security permissions or drivers but in this case those were not the problems, it was one of those “PC Load Letter” printer moments that could drive you crazy.

After reviewing all the normal culprits, I turned to the event log where, to my surprise, I could could see that the printer was tried to be accessed with credentials that were not valid.  After doing more research there turned out to be a registry entry that had not been automatically removed properly which was causing this small subset of computers not to be able to connect to the print server.  Once those were deleted, our customer was able to connect to all of the shared printers.

While we were troubleshooting, doing what we do best, they were focused on what they do best – running their business.

#vSMBchat Recap – How virtualization can help your business

Recently I participated in a TweetChat with VMware and  Alan Renouf, Senior Technical Marketing Architect for VMware.  We discussed a wide range of topics including some of the tools that can help small to medium sized businesses leverage technology to reduce operating costs, implement disaster recovery and provide levels of redundancy that were not cost feasible in a physical world.  If you want to learn more about virtualization and how it aligns to the goals of your business contact us using the form to the right or call (617) 395-8008 for a free consultation.

Highlights from the #vSMBchat with VMware


You can find a full recap of the #vSMBchat TweetChat here.

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