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The traditional IT Services Model is broken – LightWire Fixed IT

Conveniently located just a short drive from Boston, the 2005 founded LightWire, Inc. offers a unique all-inclusive IT Services approach, driven by the company’s founder and CEO, Ian Findlay.

Ian's career as a technology consultant, manager, and innovator positioned him to observe how small businesses continually struggle to effectively and efficiently meet the technology needs of their company.

Ian saw IT services, whether delivered through internal resources or traditional IT managed services, frequently failed to provide the core set of services and systems required to adequately enable and protect the business, was often unresponsive, and unpredictably priced.

Evolving over the last decade, LightWire mission is to provide small businesses – typically ranging from 10 to 125 employees – a new, no pain, no hassles, no surprises IT service model that overcomes the IT challenges of the past by delivering the exceptional IT systems, services and help-desk support each business needs – all for a fixed, predetermined monthly fee.

The fixed-fee approach is fundamental to who LightWire is: Fixed-fee means No Billing Surprises.  As a client you'll have a fixed, predictable monthly cost every month. For us, it places a strong incentive to be proactive, to anticipate areas of need, and to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. This aligns our business model with yours. Why? Simple – it takes a lot longer to resolve a major problem that has already happened then to proactively address small issues before they become big issues. Since there are no additional fees for fixing problems, we win when you win.

Headquartered in Watertown, MA, LightWire is conveniently located to support the Boston market with a staff that’s experienced in the areas’ diverse businesses – including tech and life science start-ups.

LightWire’s “All Inclusive” services include:

A Virtual CIO

All too often, great technicians lack the skills to understand and translate business needs into a solid technology approach. That’s why LightWire assigns a virtual CIO (vCIO) with executive level technical and business skills to work with you.

The vCIO listens to your needs, and in business terms discusses options and costs before gaining alignment on the IT plan and budget.

The vCIO then coordinates with the LightWire tech team and regularly conducts business reviews driven by a management dashboard.

IT Systems and Services

Based on your needs, LightWire delivers all the essential IT Systems and Services needed to enable and protect your business – no compromises required.

All systems are monitored and tuned to proactively improve performance and prevent problems.

Driven by industry best practices the team regularly prepares a management dashboard and collaborates with your virtual CIO.

A USA-based 24/7 Help Desk

Recognizing that many times Help Desks are actually “Un-Help Desks” – unresponsive and unhelpful, frustrating employees and requiring frequent management intervention -- LightWire improved the model.

With LightWire all support requests receive a rapid-response (typically 3-5 minutes) using the communication channel of your choice (chat, email, phone). Issues are then resolved on your terms – if its urgent, we jump on it immediately. Otherwise, we’ll address it when it’s convenient for you – later in the day, or for projects when we just need access to your computer, at night after you’ve shut down for the day.

Wondering how the LightWire Help Desk model really works? We conduct a survey after each Help Desk Response.  Check out our unfiltered Live Customer Feedback and Happiness Ratings.