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Ian Findlay, President of Lightwire

Ian Findlay, President

Ian Findlay founded LightWire in 2005 after a career in corporate IT services. Prior to founding LightWire, Ian had a distinguished career in technology consulting firms, Internet startups, and corporate IT. After graduating from Trinity College ...
Eric Petitpas

Eric Petitpas – LightWire Helpdesk Engineer

Eric Petitpas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management, from the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth in 2007. After graduation, he launched a manufacturing company which produced everything from designer items to patented household ...
Nick Ranieri - LightWire Network Engineer

Nick Ranieri – LightWire Network Engineer

Nick studied Network Engineering at New England Institute of Technology and spent 4 years working in the field before joining LightWire. Nick's greatest passion at work is helping others, creating relationships, and learning about new technologies ...
Jason Lemrise - LightWire Helpdesk Engineer

Jason Lemrise – LightWire Helpdesk Engineer

Jason Lemrise graduated from the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth in 2010 with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. After graduation he started his career at a medical software company where he worked ...
Santo Mojica

Santo Mojica – LightWire Senior Network Engineer

Santo joined the LightWire team as a Senior Network Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in Information Technology, and a strong expertise in data-driven, long-term strategic planning. Prior to joining LightWire, Santo was an IT Manager ...
Derek Chang

Derek Chang – LightWire Senior Network Engineer

With years of experience in System/Network Administration and IT Consulting, Derek began his career in college, working for a small IT shop as part of the Northeastern University Co-Op Program. Derek graduated from Northeastern University in 1999 ...
Jake Murray

Jake Murray – LightWire Senior Support Manager

Jake started his tech career in 1998 and worked his way up from first line tech support to a lead tech position at the business strategy consulting firm Monitor Group. He then moved on to a ...
Luke Batra

Luke Batra – LightWire Helpdesk Engineer

Luke competed his Bachelor of Technology from LPU, before joining Lightwire he worked as Senior Associate in Wipro Technologies for 5 years and then spent 1 year as senior Analyst with HCL technologies. He enjoy music ...
Kurt Singh

Kurt Singh – LightWire Helpdesk Engineer

Kurt joined LightWire after working for an IT firm for more then 2 years, and has strong expertise in Windows Operating Systems, Linux, and Database management. In his free time he loves to play guitar and ...