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Eric Petitpas – LightWire Helpdesk Engineer

Eric Petitpas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management, from the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth in 2007. After graduation, he launched a manufacturing company which produced everything from designer items to patented household goods. Eventually, when keyboard technology speed caught up to Eric's groundbreaking WPM, he returned to his initial love of coding and networking.

Prior to joining LightWire, Eric focused on creating multiple online retail portals and stand alone applications for clients, with a particular focus on looking to streamline a procedure or automate a business function for the client function.

For LightWire, Eric loves creating and maintaining relationships with clients while striving to find the most efficient solutions to their problems. Additionally, he is interested in expanding his knowledge of programming languages, IT and cyber security.

In his free time, Eric balances reading, wine making, coding, and the gym.

Eric Petitpas